Re: Re: Compadre users

I used to have one. It's good, fast response for accurate PPing, and one control (one/off knob starts in all metal and futher turning notches out everything behind it.Swings fast, and you can thumb the disc knob over a hit to see when the signal disappears to get an ID kind of.For the last many years, they come with a 5.75 coil, hardwired (no coil exchanging). So it's slightly larger that a sharp shooter, but doesn't cover area anything like a 11" DD or even a 8" concentric. It's a great backup, but not my first choice as a main. In Tesoro the Silver uMax is a better main choice. For the price, the Fisher Eurotek holds it's own for the same price and you get a little ID on screen help along with response. Though the Compadre you can swing all day due to it's feather weight.My opinion.