Re: Re: F70 SL process

Good info! two are as well versed on the F70 as anyone on the planet, most likely.
But still we wouldn't say we were experts.BTW we've never ever tried a test garden, as it would be extremely difficult to replicate a beach in our back garden.So everything depends on gettin' in the maximum hours on the real beaches.Nuthin' to beat thousands of hours experience of live digging.In the near future we're going to get new headphones,they will be made in the UK using U.S.A. technology.They're based on Grey Ghosts and called Chef phones,mine will have an independent vol. control on each ear.That should improve my finding power as I'm a bit deaf in one ear.We use jolly rogers at the moment but I can hardly hear the targets,used to use detector pro accusound and they were the absolute best for me. ;D ;D