Re: Re: New Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer

got one and am playing with it as time allows.  Seem to be more sensitive than a new garrett  I have in stock.  Including the lanyard attachment loop on the cap it's 1.25 inches longer than the Garrett.  The batt. cap is orange to help you locate the pinpointer should you misplace it. (nice idea)  Lost pinpointer alarm- if you leave your Bullseye TRX powered on, after five minutes of inactivity it sounds a long beep every 15 seconds to help you relocate it.    After five minutes the lost alarm ceases and the TRX powers down.  Looks like you only have a five min. window to find it with the alarm being of any use. yea for the orange can use AA batts or 9 volts ( not an earth shaking feature but nice)  In my case I seem to have AA,s around but not 9volts as I buy them in bulk at Sams.  To me it seems cheaper than buying  9volts.  It has a low batt alert both via tone and continuously blinking led.Vibrate AND audio are default setting although you can select just vibrate or just beep.  I tried following directions on switching settings and had no luck, maybe I'm to dumb.  switching is done by turning off the pinpointer  but not letting go of the button and waiting as the TRX cycles through the beeper/ vibration selections