Another few Scottish jokes.

After discovering they had won ten million pounds on the National Lottery, Mr and Mrs McKenzie sat down to discuss their future. "After twenty years of washing other people's stairs to earn money," said Mrs McKenzie.                                                                                "At last I can throw away my old scrubbing  "brush."                                                                  "Of course you can," said her husband. "We can easily afford to buy you a new one now."  How do you disperse an angry Scottish mob?                      Take up a collection. Walter went on a date with his new girlfriend and they reached the door of her flat just before midnight.                  When she kissed him goodnight she said, "be careful on your way home or someone might rob you of all the money you've saved this evening.Why do all Scots have a sense of humour? Because it's free.  A little Scottish boy ran into the house and said to his father, "I've just saved twenty pence by running home from school behind the bus."His father replied, "That’s good but you could have saved £2 by running home behind a taxi." Last night there was a big argument in a Glasgow cinema. Two men were trying to get in using one ticket - they said they were half-brothers.  Did you hear about the man who gave up making haggis? He didn't have the guts for it anymore.