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    This week it seemed like a more relaxed hunt.Probably because we got off to an earlier start.We didn't expect so much this time as it had been a bit colder this week and we were right about that.We must be getting old as we've spent some considerable timecatching up on lost sleep.No pic this time although we thought it was a reasonably good total again.Total came to £17:75 = $26:56. 8) 8)

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      Again a nice total. I'm just getting over the aches from my first hunt  😀 Will have to shorten my digs until I get in better shape (if my old body can get into shape)  Weather is starting to get nice but another hunter says he has already had a tick problem. Had been hoping that they wouldn't be out yet after a cold winter but it looks like they like the weather too.  They carry a couple of nasty germs that I don't need. May have to stay away from the old logging sites and stick to the fair grounds.  Have fun and keep us posted

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    Another good haul!  You guys clean up when you head out for a hunt.Not always Mark.You don't hear about the hunts I'm ashamed of. LOL.

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