Bought another Fisher

This time I wanted a backup, carry along, buddy user type thing. I chose the F2. I did check out the Eurotek and the Pro, but chose the F2 because of the segments, and because I already had the F5. I like the idea of Teknetics interchanging all of their coils, but I got the F2 $215 deal with pinpointer, extra coil, headphones, and other junk.The first thing I did was to order a NEL Sharpshooter coil for it. I feel this combo should stand as a good second, while also being close to a operating as a good main as well.It's a shame the F2 doesn't have a AM mode. In air test, I can hold the PP down and detect tone differential on a penny at +12" AND THE DEPTH DISPLAY SAYS 12". Yet the stock coil in disc. losses it after about 5". I hope the NEL changes that. I'll know mid next week and will let you know.Dan