Christmas came early for me.

Last week we had a browse round the new local Kia dealers.We wanted to see how different the new model of our car was.Well it was light years different, everything is digitally controlled now.Even down to the dual air heater and fan switch.I got a £4,000 loyalty discount before I even started.Needless to say I ordered it and took delivery last night.It's gonna take me some considerable time to get to know my way around it all.The car manual is 1" thick, and if ya think that's a bit much,the satnav manual is 2" thick and there's so many screens on the 7" satnav.I was piddling about with some settings tonight, and completely lost everything to do with fuel readouts MPG etc. etc. My favourite gizmo is the reversing camera which automatically uses the full satnav screen.