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    Hi all, are there any Tesoro Compadre users around here?I may be joining the church of the Compadre very soon!

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    Sorry Kenny I can't be of much help to ya on this one.I'm not familiar with the Tesoro Compadre.The only thing I can tell you about it is, it's a beep and dig  machine.There's no VID meter.But the folks who own them swear by them.I don't even know if the beep is variable tone or not. 🙁 🙁

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    Tesoro builds good quality detectors.  I've had a Tejon, Cortes and a Toltec 100.  None of them ever gave me a problem.

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    Hi all, are there any Tesoro Compadre users around here?I may be joining the church of the Compadre very soon!

      The Tesoro is well known as a gold chain hitter on the beach. It is a quick react detector.   I still lean toward the Tec as I use my Omega for dirt digging. Miss Mary uses it for dry sand hunting on the beach and cleans up. I am definitely a meter man because digging is just to hard around here for bad targets.  😀

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    Yeah, I always have my Garrett GTI with me.. its a technological marvel, but the Tesoro's really interest me for their high quality, speed and simplicity.Oh, and theyre super light too. That Garrett gets really heavy after a few hours.

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    I never went the Tesoro route, I like my whites MXT, my Minelab CTX 3030, and my Garrett AT Pro. Heard Tesoro are good too and so are Fisher and teknetics

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    I used to have one. It's good, fast response for accurate PPing, and one control (one/off knob starts in all metal and futher turning notches out everything behind it.Swings fast, and you can thumb the disc knob over a hit to see when the signal disappears to get an ID kind of.For the last many years, they come with a 5.75 coil, hardwired (no coil exchanging). So it's slightly larger that a sharp shooter, but doesn't cover area anything like a 11" DD or even a 8" concentric. It's a great backup, but not my first choice as a main. In Tesoro the Silver uMax is a better main choice. For the price, the Fisher Eurotek holds it's own for the same price and you get a little ID on screen help along with response. Though the Compadre you can swing all day due to it's feather weight.My opinion.

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