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    It's been a while since we had an all nighter.Started at 8pm and finished at 4:30am.It was a very nice night, it was 14c and very still when we started.At first it seemed we could only find coppers 2 pence's and one pence's.We needed a couple of hours to get into the higher denomination coins, and once we did then we really got motoring.We felt really comfortable and when we finished the temp had dropped to about 9c.It was a pleasure to use the racer's in the dark, using the screen backlight and coil light.Our total for the night came to 128 coins for £28:47 = $41:89.Then our first real picnic of the year in celebration.

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    WOW! Great hunt and nice totals. I finally got out for a couple hours of dirt digging and found out my old body is going to need some work  😛  That getting down on your knees to dig then getting back up is using some muscles that haven't been used lately.    Only found a penny and a clad dime  :'(  It was good getting out.

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    Thanks tink, we really did have a lot of fun with the racers.I'm glad to hear you got out too, and I agree about the aches n pains.It usually takes me about 3-4 weeks before it gets easier again.We're hoping to get out for a couple of hunts this coming week, and gradually increasing the amount of hunts per week. Good luck with your hunting tink.

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    Great hunt Ian!  It looks like you two are having a blast with the Racers! 

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