For Trade - Teknetics Omega

Hi..I'm putting up a Tek Omega for trade!  It's in great shape and hasn't been abused...I've found some awesome stuff with it.  If I love Omega's so much, why am I letting it go?  I have two of 'em, so I'm letting one go to play around with different detectors I haven't used.  I will give you the option of either the 10"x 5" Concentric coil or an 11"DD...your pick.  This is one of the models with the red graphic overlay (as seen in the pic) and the 1/8" headphone jack.The only blemish on the machine is a spot on the lower left of the clear display covering.  You can probably see it if you look closely at the faceplate closeup photo.Here's what I'm open to trading for...E-Trac, Sorex Pro,  Explorer SE  (now, the far-fetched, but you never know list) XP Deus, Minelab CTXThanks!  Mark