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    I got together with some family today and we hit an older home from the late 1800's or so.  They are new to hunting but off to an awesome start!  Aaron not only scored his first silver coin today, but it was a standing liberty quarter!  He is now officially, completely hooked!  Harry, his dad pulled the cool hatchet head below…it was found with the Eurotek Pro at about 12 inches.  A couple of 1920's wheat cents were found as well…great fun!

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    That's great you all could get out together, and sweet finds too

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    That is a great start for Aaron.  8) 8)No doubt he'll be joining the forum soon!!!!!I'll bet Harry was pretty surprised with his hatchet too.  8) 8)Sounds like y'all had a happy day all round. ;D ;D

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    Sounds like the Eurotec did the job. Got some nice finds there. I got out a little yesterday but didn't score. Would you believe it is 80 F today and too hot for this old man to hunt. This after a very long winter. 😀 I think I will switch to the Omega – quite a bit lighter than the SE plus less trouble to change from the 11″ to 5″ coil.  More later I hope

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