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    A new hunting buddy and I went on a little trip (about 50 miles) and hunted a park I had good luck at about ten yrs. ago.  Turns out he grew up in that town and knew which park I was talking about.  His mom still lives there and he goes back every couple of weeks to visit her.  He got into metal detecting only about 2 yrs. ago and said he has hit that park and found nothing old there.  Today I made a believer out of him as I dug a 1887s  seated dime and a 1872 (could be 1873) well worn seated dime. The 1887s dime looks to be uncirculated as every line on the shield and word liberty is crisp as can be.  Should have seen his eyes pop.  I know 1887 is no be deal to our friends across the pond but to us it is old and will take it all day long.  Some day I will have to learn how to post pictures but am lucky to know how to turn on a computer.

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    Always nice finding coins like that. That's what keeps us going. A good way to lite the fire in your friend too. Congrats and thanks for the post.

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    Great finds NP.Thanks for sharing M8.Ya certainly did your bit to keep the fire burning in your friend's mind.Your huntin' buddy might be able to show you more places to hunt in that town.We're gonna try an early evenin' hunt today.P.S. If ya send me an email with the pics attached I'll sort them and post them for ya if ya like.

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    Good Job!  I love to find old silver…get's the heart racing every time.

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    Great finds congrats

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