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    I've been really itching to try out either a Etrac or a CTX3030!  My Explorer 2 is a Deeeep silver finder…I wonder if these do any better?

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      I have hunted around those with the ETrac. I use the SE and on the beach have not seen much difference. It looks like with the proper set up the ETrac picks out of the trash much better in dirt digging. They speak of a two tone ferrous on other web sites.   Looks like a learning curve that you might get a kick out of. Gravedigger Max tried out the 3030 and wasn't to impressed. He isn't much of a meter user so the Excal is more to his liking. I have ran into a few of them and they are a very sensitive machine with a quick recovery time.

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    I have been using the CTX 3030 for a year now. I an pretty sure it will do better than the explorer II. But it is little different with lots of extra stuff.When I was in England it was my first time to turn it on some guys did better than me with the etrac but I did better than some that also had CTX3030. I haven't really changed the programs much I use the beach program most times and dig most stuff that comes up but I like to dig a lot. I guess you have to get over it to find it. Heard the CTX 3030 works good on salt water and the wet sand doesn't give it any problem like most minelabs.I do know in the hot ground in Virginia it is not the machine to use. I tried it at DIV 23 and could not find anything. Maybe I didn't have it set rightGood luck

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    From what I read on other forums,it seems like the E-trac is really hot on deep silver in the dirt.But not so hot on wet salt.Just sayin'. :blank: :blank:

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    Since I'm what you call “broke” these days, I may have to do some creative trading and try to work my way into an Etrac.  I would love to do some comparisons with my Explorer 2 and some of my other units (in dirt since I'm not a coastal dweller!)

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