had a tune in my head

and was ready to cough up a dollar and download it but did not know the name of the song or the artist till today.  Only got bits and pcs of the song but liked the tune and voice of the artist.  To me the female voice was earthy and sexy kinda like Nora Jones.  Today I found out the name of the song and the name of the singer, the song is called Let Her Go and the artist goes by the name Passenger.  To my surprise She turned out to be a He with a thick full beard, so much for that sexy image I had of the artist.  Now the title of the song makes sense cause if He was a She  it would be LET HIM Go.  What does this have to do with metal detecting, nothing!  Just that the singer said that he spent the last few yrs. traveling the world and busking.  There it is BUSKING, a word I learned on this forum and thanks to Ian I no longer think it is something naughty or done behind closed doors.  Keep Busking Ian