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    I want to thank Hermit at the original site for bearing the load all these years.  It's a great and informative site that shows his love of the hobby.

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    myrtle beachcomber

    Yeah it was I great ride before it was its own site we had a section like this on the old DetectorX board many years ago. thanks for this space.

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    My pleasure on the space.  I'm glad to host.

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        Seems funny – I have been part of both sites for quite awhile. Hope a bunch of Crabs bring some posts with them. The Crab site has been pretty slow lately. A lot of the newbies found out it can be tough swinging I guess. Some of the active hunters shied away from showing their good finds fearing they might be over run.    I usually only post after things have been cleaned or up here if I hit a hot spot, I show the finds but not the spot.      Hey Mark - can't get the smiles to post

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    Hey Mark – can't get the smiles to post”  Hmmm...I'll try to figure out what's wrong

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    Just got over. Thanks to Hermitfor the CRABS site. You do a good job. Thanks Markfor having us here.

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