"Main" detectorstuff site is down

Good morning everyone...it appears the main site www.detectorstuff.com is out of commission for a while.  We've been having technical issues with it and have had to turn it off to restore server performance for the rest of the site.  Don't worry...all the content will be safe!  ..and it will return soon.  In the meantime, explore the new forum software here and start posting!I've temporarily set it so I have to approve new users to keep the spammers at bay.  When you sign up, I'll get an email and will get you rolling ASAP.  Please don't get offended if I send you an email to confirm you're really a person interested in the hobby and not someone trying to sell cheap pharmaceuticals, designer clothing or explicit kinda stuff!  I'm just trying to protect Detectorstuff members from having to deal with spam.Thanks,Mark