Makro Racer review.

Racer Review.Hunting with those very well built machines we felt quickly at home and confident with them.I immediately felt the detectors were extremely high quality, no adjustments were made from the default settings except to ground balance after having switched on. 10 seconds was ample to ground balance and start hunting immediately. Many of the targets were between 6" - 10" with no effort, in fact it was easy for the Racers.I'm pretty certain that when I get used to it, I will eventually pick up coins from 12" - 14" and that's as far as I want to dig.I liked that the screen backlight was switchable on or off and had 4 degrees of brightness.The coil searchlight was separately switchable on or off.For me those were very nice touches.Handy for night hunts.We enjoyed not having to fiddle too much and just concentrated on pure hunting.Where we differed in opinion was the weight and balance.I thought it was slightly lighter and well balanced.Eileen thought it was heavier than our F70s, but I will shorten the length of the bottom shaft for her to help it.In conclusion, we both feel we have done the right thing by moving to the Makro Racers.They can certainly hit coins and they proved it to us.I hope some of these comments are helpful to anyone considering the Makro Racers.