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    This is from like 7 years ago Georgia Frame Buckle found on Brady Rock farms by Culpeper Virginia.

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    Wow that is a biggie.It must have been a giant of a man that wore that.I certainly wouldn't like to carry that weight around in adverse conditions. 8) 8)

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    Nice one Steveo!  What detector were you using in that hot culpepper dirt?

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    That is nice. I'm not into relics that much but will get into my closet of keepsakes and see what i may have of interest.  Give me something to post until our new season starts. 😀

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    Thanks Guys, Mark that was my second trip to Virginia and my second DIV which was DIV 5 it was a lot of fun. I used the MXT then found a lot but that was the first time there. Last year I used the TDI and GP 3500 but I just sold them and I will not be going this spring but I already got a new 4800 coming next in next week. This by far is my best civil war find also have found 3 Us box plates 1 eagle breast plate , 1 block I and 1 block A.

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    Those pulse machines penetrate the iron rich red dirt quite well from what I've heard!  Good job on the relics!

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