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polictical correctness & other BS

well this is not funny but wanted to post it somewhere.  Maybe we could use a  general non metal detecting forum to vent, question, or talk about wants on our mind.  I had lunch at Taco Bell today and had to wait for my order as they were backed up for whatever reason.  I think I was number 269 and had maybe 5 others ahead of me.  As each order was brought out the person would yell out  Guest # so and so, I would be Guest 269.  This just kind of rubbed me the wrong way cause if we were guests we would be eating free.  It's not hard to understand, it you pay you are not a guest so I don't want to hear this touchy feely [email protected] that upper management comes up with.  Don't reinvent to meaning of wordsI'm a simple person and don't like pretentious people or things.  A used car is a USED car and not a Pre- Owned car to me.  And what gives with ads that say SAVE UP TO 80% AND MORE  If there is more then it has to be higher than 80%  da!

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