tink is looking for a cheap CZ21…help him out!

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    tink needs a CZ21!  Help him out!  He needs one that's inexpensive, but works well.  How about it  folks…got anything for him?(you can thank me later, tink!)  🙂

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    Hey tink,I've been very busy lately.Sorry can't help ya with a CZ21.We only have two detectors each and you already know what they are. ;D ;DStill in the middle of re modelling our garden.Also been busy with the organ and getting new music for same.

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    Thanks guys – I would only be using it at the beach and really don't know how many more trips we have in us  >:(  Max on another site has waterproofed a lot of his machines but it seems anymore I make more of a mess than getting anything done  😀  I do use my CZ6a in the surf and have been looking at the CZ21 for quite a while. Course - like Dave says, once you go in the water you are no longer top of the food chain.  We quite often hit rain on our vacation so a water machine lets me keep hunting

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    Hey tink just thinking out loud,  you say you get rain on your vacation and a water machine would let you continue to hunt.  Your CZ6a is rain/splash proof or it should be if the seals have not dried up over the yrs.  If you are not stuck on a Fisher CZ21 you can get cheap water machines on ebay as I have done in the past.  I have bought older model PI machines by Whites around $200 to $300  I know PI machines are not for everyone but if you are not using it on the beach you don't have to deal with digging 12 inch deep bobby-pins.  The salt water should eat up those bobby pins for the most part.

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