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    Wasn't going to post these but had my laptop worked on and had to download a bunch of stuff. My picture resizer was one of them and it has a different floormat now  :'(  So here goes    A trout unlimited stream project    A scene behind our house with the change of leaves    2 toasted 2 cent pieces

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    Very nice tink!  I hope it goes well with your laptop work.

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    That looks a nice location to live tink.I love those Autumn colours too.Ya must have been out for a wee hunt  hence the toasties. LOL.I've been so busy with everyday life things.But, if we're lucky hoping to get out Thu. or Fri. morning.The last pics I posted were 600x400 and they were still too big to see the pics properly.Next time I'm gonna try 400x200.

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      Ian – As you can see I resize to 600×450 and they seem to work. I have been hunting a little but mostly just getting the machines ready for our trip. Seems like we have been extra busy this year so the beach is sounding good. I have to sacrifice the good time of year for detecting around here but the sand digging is easier 🙂

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