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    Just to get things rolling in the White's forum, here are some articles from detectorstuff.com on the Vision (later renamed V3 and V3i)https://detectorstuff.com/category/whites/

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    Hi mark thanks for the links. I went and looked at them. I liked the video of the MX5. looks like a nice mid range machine. I had a customer get one while the snow was on the ground we set it up and played with it a little inside looks to be a good machine.I had a vision when they first came out and loved it, I even sent it in for all the upgrades to a V3I it is a really sensitive machine with lots of extras I think the graphs are great 

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    I really, really like the adaptability of the Spectra V3i.  No doubt, it is a learning process…you have to stick with this machine a while to maximize your skills with it.  But, once you do, it is pretty darned awesome!  It hits my 9 inch silver dime with acurate ID consistently…not many can do that.

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