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    Ordered one last Friday. Comes from BC, Canada. Costs a bit more than a Lesche, but looks good to eat our hard dirt, left or right handed and sharper point.[img]$_57.JPG[/img]Ironclad Viking

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    That looks a really good digger.I'm sure it'll do the business and be able to make neat plugs.It seems a real winner. 8) 8)

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    WOW! The picture makes it look like a wall hanger – too pretty to use  😛  Mine has started to bend every time I use it  so maybe I will have to look at one of these.

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    LOL………..I'll be able to tell you more Dec 5-8. That's the timeline to get it here from Canada. I don't know if you saw it, but I put the link under the picture. I had a couple of people say it was too expensive. $79 shipped. But my thinking is we dig dirt half the time in this hobby. Why spend hundreds even thousands on detectors and coils, yet go cheap on diggers? If it makes life easier to get the goodies, it's worth the extra bucks. :))

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    It came today.It actually took 5 days to get here from BC, Canada. So shipping is faster than the probable delivery time on the ad.The look is like a Lesche in the pics, but the Viking is made with heavier steel, slightly thicker and weighs 50% more than a Lesche. The confidence in the blade seems high, like it isn't going to break or bend no matter if you used it to pry a car door open. The handle is comfortable, and the side teeth are almost saw like When I slide my finger over my Lesche blade, the notches don't seem as sharp or protruding as the Viking. It may be a few days before I can take it to the dirt and see how it handles.It came with a "hammer loop" type belt sheath.Note to tink: you ain't gonna bend this thing. ;D

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    Wow…nice!  Let me know if it's as rugged as a Lesche.  I think my old, beat up Lesche will survive a zombie apocolypse!

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    Yes it sure looks nice I do not know if I will like it as I don't like the thicker ones, I might give it a try sometime though

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