SCDigger's Saving History Videos

Greg "scdigger" ( has been kind enough to allow me to post his Saving History videos on They are a blast to watch and highly recommended to everyone interested in this wonderful hobby of metal detecting! Thanks "scdigger"! Here's a Link
to his site so you can check out his DVD's!

"Saving History" promo

Episode 1: The Collection

Episode 2: 3 & 20 Creek

Episode 3: The Briar Patch

Episode 4: Cades Cove Park

Episode 5: Low Country Privy Dig part 1

Episode 5: Low Country Privy Dig part 2

Sunday Afternoon Dig

Episode 7: Hunted Out Camp

Episode 8: DIV 7 day one

Episode 9: DIV 7 day two

Episode 10: DIV 7 day three

Bill Ladd saves history

Episode 11: The Brown House

Episode 12: SC Low Country Hunt

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