A place for meandering thoughts, observations and dime store wisdom. Taketh with a graineth of salteth.

“Be cautious of reluctant heroes who often talk about being a reluctant hero…they are rarely reluctant or a hero”

“When metal detecting, dirty knees can lead to shiny prizes!”

“Your eyes are the best detecting discrimination”

“Two half truths equal one whole lie”

“If it beeps, dig it!”

“ALWAYS fill your holes”

“The sun don’t shine on the same dogs butt everyday”

“Out with the old, in with the new sounds fine until you’re the old”

“The next time someone is looking down their nose at you because they think they’re better, remind them that while looking up you notice they have boogers”

“Don’t let this life pass you away without making amends to the living”

“The worst kind of goat to be is a scapegoat”

When it’s a Minelab, swing low and slow (old saying from the early Minelab days)

Sometimes the people you always tried to treat the best end up treating you the worst