A place for links related to metal detecting sites on the web... if you have one, post it below in comments!  See a broken link or know a changed address?  Email me at detectorstuff@gmail.com

Hobby fan sites:

Detector Stuff is honored to have a lot of friends in the metal detecting hobby!  Here are a few of them....

Findmall  www.findmall.com

Treasure Depot www.thetreasuredepot.com

American Relic Hunters www.americanrelichunters.com

NASA Tom's Forum http://www.dankowskidetectors.com/discussions/

Metal Detecting Equipment Forum http://members5.boardhost.com/MetalDetecting/index.html

Mike's CZ page http://mikewd.fws1.com/

DFX Only http://dfxonly.com/dfxonly/Page_1x.html

Carolina Relic And Beach hunting Society (CRABS) http://www.crabs-club.com/

Treasure Hunter Forum  http://www.treasurehunterforum.com/

idetectorist blog http://www.idetectorist.com

Treasure Barrel  http://www.treasurebarrel.com/

Idaho Treasure Hunters  http://www.idahotreasurehunters.com

North Carolina Treasure Hunters http://www.nctreasurehunters.com/

Beginners Guide http://www.buildingsguide.com/metal-detecting-complete-guide-beginners

Smarter Hobby detecting guide http://www.smarterhobby.com/metal-detecting/

Manufacturers Sites:

Fisher  www.fisherlab.com

White's www.whiteselectronics.com

Garrett  www.garrett.com

Minelab  www.minelab.com

Teknetics T2 http://www.tekneticst2.com

Bounty Hunter http://www.detecting.com/

Tesoro www.tesoro.com

Metal Detector Dealers:

(note to dealers:  Feel free to contact me if you're not on the list...I want to include everyone that wants to be a member of this site)

Deerfield Detectors http://www.deerfielddetectors.com/

Surfscanner Detectors  http://www.surfscanner.com/

Kellyco Detectors  http://www.kellycodetectors.com/

Treasure Detector Solutions http://www.treasuredetectorsolutions.com/

Hollands Brook http://www.hollandsbrook.com/

Deerfield Detectors http://www.deerfielddetectors.com

Mytreasure metal detectors http://mytreasuremetaldetector.com/

Big Boys Hobbies http://bigboyshobbies.net

Detecting.com http://www.detecting.com

Metaldetector.com http://www.metaldetector.com/

Magazines and Information:

American Digger Magazine http://www.americandigger.com/

Eastern Western Treasure http://www.treasurenet.com/westeast/