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October 8, 2011
Fisher Gold Pan kit!

Do you have a case of "Yellow Fever"?  With gold prices consistently high, more and more people are out searching for that wondrous yellow metal.  Gold has always captured the imagination of mankind.  Read more about gold and its history HERE (link to wikipedia).  Fisher (of metal detecting fame) recently released several gold prospecting/panning kits. […]

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June 17, 2011
@MeteoriteMen Thanks guys. M...

@MeteoriteMen Thanks guys. Meteorite Men rock! (bad pun?) 🙂

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May 19, 2011
Garrett Ace 250 New users guide

-Detectorstuff member Ian Pettigrew (AKA draaiorgel) has written up a great new users guide with tips and helpful information on the Garrett Ace 250! Many thanks to Ian for his contribution.... All about the Ace 250 for newbies. The Ace 250 is an ideal beginner’s machine especially if you know absolutely nothing about metal detecting. […]

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March 24, 2011
Dave Johnson – “Time of Day” and electrical interference

*Posted with permission of Metal Detector Engineer Dave Johnson* First Texas Head Engineer Dave Johnson has always done an awesome job "educating" the metal detecting masses.  Thanks again for sharing your knowledge Mr. J.! Time of day influences the amount and type of electrical interference, not just local sources but also longwave radio communications (mostly […]

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October 29, 2010
Teknetics G2 Review

Teknetics G2 review Mark Ellington www.detectorstuff.com “In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. For the not-so-young man (me), in the Fall my fancy turns to thoughts of metal detecting.  The Teknetics G2 arrived just in time to tickle my fancy!  (read more...)

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October 2, 2010
Garrett Metal Detectors--New models!

When Garrett metal detectors released released the "Ace" series of detectors, they set a new standard in affordable performance.  Garrett has been in the business a long time and recognized a "niche" that needed to be filled...and fill it they did!  Now, there's a new release in the Ace lineup...the Ace 350.

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August 17, 2010
The White’s Spectra V3i upgrade…Get it!

The White’s Spectra V3i upgrade...Get it! I was privileged to receive one of the early White’s Electronics “Vision” uber-detectors last year. Without a doubt, the most user configurable metal detector on the planet! Initially, all the settings and options can seem a little overwhelming. However...if you take the time to really learn this machine, you […]

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July 13, 2010
Interview with Gary Storm of Detectorpro!

Interview with Gary Storm of DetectorPro www.detectorpro.com List of Products: Headhunter line of Metal Detectors (Headhunter Pirate PRO, Headhunter Pirate, Headhunter Wader, Headhunter Pulse) Uniprobe Pistolprobe DetectorPro Headphones Mr. Storm, Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions about yourself , your company and your products! Www.DetectorStuff.com enjoys communicating with the people […]

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June 20, 2010
New look for www.detectorstuff.com...and more changes coming soon!

My Son Zack does custom website design and hosting.  His Father's Day gift to me was this AWESOME new look for DetectorStuff!  All the header art is custom drawn on his graphics tablet...needless to say, I'm impressed!  THANK YOU ZACK!  Be sure to visit Zack's website at www.ellingtonhosting.com if you need any custom design work […]

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April 19, 2010
White's to offer V3i upgrade to existing owners *update May 12th, 2010*

Word has it that White's will offer a full upgrade of the firmware on the Spectra V3/Vision to a new version that adds additional features (quite a few from the report!). It seems it will cost $100 plus shipping to get procedure done in Sweet Home. This is a pretty cool thing (in my opinion). […]

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