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Stuff like this hurts the hobby!

I DO NOT agree with the current rules, laws and regs related to metal detecting in the the US…especially when it comes to finding historically valuable relics.  HOWEVER…sneaking around and doing this kind of thing makes it even worse for those of us who follow rules and try to help the hobby be seen in a good light.

New forum system!

Due to some technical issues, we have migrated the forums to the WordPress forum package.  All old posts were imported, so no lost information!  It is different than what you were used to, but has a better future ahead…and is integrated with WordPress so it’s easier to manage (for me, anyway!)

A couple of things:

  1. to get a profile photo, use Gravatar ( )  *NOTE* just added a plugin that will also allow you to upload an avatar/profile picture.
  2. If you are a previous user of our forums, you name is still in the list.  Try you usual name and password.  If that doesn’t work, email me at [email protected]




1 Welcome to!


Thanks for visiting…since the launch of DetectorStuff I’ve worked to improve the hobby of metal detecting by seeking out interviews, metal detector reviews, interesting stories, etc.

Not to brag, or anything (okay…maybe a little!) this was one of the first sites on the Web to interview industry insiders and put their unique perspectives on the written page for hobby enthusiasts.  I’ve had conversations with legends at Fisher, White’s, Detectorpro, Teknetics and more.  The “brains” behind some of the coolest detectors on the planet!

Drop by the forums at for discussions and fun.

Please enjoy the content of this site and feel free to drop me an email or message with ideas, suggestions or just to say hello.

-Mark Ellington

New look for…and more changes coming soon!

My Son Zack does custom website design and hosting.  His Father’s Day gift to me was this AWESOME new look for DetectorStuff!  All the header art is custom drawn on his graphics tablet…needless to say, I’m impressed!  THANK YOU ZACK!  Be sure to visit Zack’s website at if you need any custom design work or site hosting!

*Best viewed with Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox.  If you are using Internet Explorer 8, try compatibility mode.*

…and as I mentioned above…more news is coming soon!

1 New, overhauled Fisher website is launched

With Fisher releasing the F75, CZ21, F70, F5, F4 and F2 in the period of around 2 years, it is evident they are NOT afraid of change!  The “F series” of detectors has quickly developed a loyal following due to their combination of performance and price.

The “old” Fisher website looked nice, but lacked the things folks look for these days.  I, personally, like to be able to dig around a site and find all sorts of content…the new Fisher site offers TONS of content!  You’ll even see contributions from several Detectorstuff regulars.

Check it out !

New Fisher Website update

Hey folks!

 DetectorStuff is dedicated to providing information to hobbyists.  We are continuing to “clean up” after a server crash at our old hosting  site…some of the stories and reviews here still have “broken” picture links.  Fret not!  I’ll be slowly straightening them all out and continuing to add new stuff!  Thanks for helping to make one of the most unique metal detecting sites on the internet!

Don’t forget to drop by our NEW forums and join in the fun!  I have a poll running...”Help build a metal detector” where I want people in the hobby to vote on various aspects of a metal detector that they think are important!


New DetectorStuff Forums!

After the battle with crashed servers and corrupted data, we have clawed our way back!  We have switched to new forum software that is fast and modern.  You will need to sign up at the forums (look for forum tab at the top of the page).  Sign up is super easy!  Click HERE to check ’em out!