Dave is one of the DetectorStuff forum moderators and an active poster.  He is an avid beach hunter and member of CRABS (Carolina Relic and Beach hunting Society).   I read this post (originally seen HERE) and saw some cool tips and beach hunting information…since detectorstuff is about “learning”, I asked Dave if we could post it here on the “main” site.


There’s allot of different styles, some work better than others, some work one day and not the next, some just don’t work on certain beaches or for certain people but here’s mine.

This was how I did it today.

First I found my detector, then I found a beach.  not funny hu?, hooked up with Jay this morning.

Before I continue, I have to say I hip mount on an ammo belt. I have a hook on my left side to hook the handle of my scoop that drags in the sand, I can tell exactly where I have been that way.

I start at the dune line and work to the water, do this a few times and you should be able to tell where the target area is.

Today I hit the low line first, crappy pic but I hope you can see where the digs are and how I tightened up the grid and didn’t even check the middle area.

I did this pattern for just over half the time I had out there than turned to head back in the high area.

Last night there were some storms move through and you can see how the sand blew into drifts, exposing some holes where the shells were showing.

The fluffy sand on top was way too deep to find much but the holes were OK.

On my way back I saw Jay hitting the water….er actually I saw the 18 inch rollers hitting him 🙂

He was persistent, he worked on that target for 15-20 minutes but he did get it.

His PI did what PI’s do best, a deep iron hook 🙂   to add to a couple of tent stakes.

PI find in the surf
PI find in the surf

We were out there just under two hours.

Here’s my goods

Daves finds
Dave’s finds

The ring is stamped OGSY, what ever that means, than .925 and has one Peridot in the middle and 21 of 22, yup one missing 🙁  stones that Ping green. Cool real Nitro and not CZ.

Daves ring find
Dave’s ring find

The three P’s. Patience, Practice and Persistence.

Happy Hunting


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