Took the F75 and F5 out for a relic hunt the last two Saturdays…I live in the Gold Country where the ground can be down right nasty. The reason I got the F5 was for a back to the F75. I know most of you if not all of you are saying how can the F5 back up one of the best detectors made in recent years. I mean the F70 should be number 2? Well I don’t want a detector that is almost the same as the F75 I wanted something that worked a bit different and ran at a different Freq! I have hunted places where the F75 seems to get stuck and I needed a different detector that would be able to step in and do the job and I trusted Fisher to create a nice mid priced unit that works for relics and turf. I love to have the control of tones. Sometimes I will just look for coins at a high tone even no I am running my disc from 0-6. So I am cherry picking for high tones which are where a lot of old coins and silver come in. Nickels and Indian heads and silver hit at a high tone Then I will start to dig mid tones and so on and then switch to maybe a mono tone and run 0 disc.


The F5 offers me tones and depth and is a fast machine with the standard coil and really holds its own in iron and trash. Give it a DD and man you may have a mini F75. On most of the targets I dug I checked them out after the F75 found them with the F5 and the F5 hit on all of the targets. Near iron or on one target under a horseshoe I found a leather belt buckle both were old and the F5 hit the same way the F75 did. Good info so dug it! The F5 is also more quite even in 0 disc and that can be a plus. I have felt that the F75 reads so much info that is in the ground that sometimes it can mask targets because so much info is flooding the machine. But if you slow down and have an ear for what the F75 is telling you then you can pick out the masked targets a lot of the time.

The F5 has a sweet spot being the coil is not a DD it has a different smaller footprint so you have to investigate the target over the sweet spot. The small 4″ BH coil was a waste of time and it would be nice to have a small coil and a DD. That would make me really happy and show me Fisher really is backing their machines for the long run. I really can not say anything for depth as of yet the places I have hunted are not places where targets sink much into the ground. But I am making a Video for youtube that will show the F75 and F5 in action. I know that Bill Ladd is making a video for the F5 so I am going to let him have first run so I can also see how a pro hunts with the F5.

I will post my finds as photos for you I did really well with the F5 even no I will hunt 99% of the time with the F75 it is nice to know the F5 is in the back seat of my SUV waiting if I need a back up…Fisher give the F5 a DD Christmas is coming??????


ยท Posted by lcpm on August 20 2008 19:09:46

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