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Hey Steve,on that particular beach there are only 4-5 others doing it fairly regular.It's a pretty good beach for lack of trash in the winter,occasionally some screw tops, small bits of copper sheeting,and sometimes very rusty pennies some 1/4 inch thick.I mostly hunt in all metal, or sometimes in disc mode at disc 4,also dig targets down to about 18 our coins come in at 25, 36, 46,and 55-61, our £2 coins are 68-69.Silver is supposed to come in at 80-90.But there seems to be an extreme shortage of silver n gold,especially after the start of those gold n silver buying companies who advertise on TV and rip folk off.I also think the beach goers are wising up as they see other detectorists on the beaches. So their not wearing good jewelry on the beach any more.OK, I know there has to be an occasional exception to the rule.Scotland is usually too cold for folks to pose on the beaches.But we always go to Cornwall for our vacations, it's 600 miles south andalways warmer down there coupled with beautiful beaches, and richer beach goers.