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Tink, I understand! you do what you have to do.  Glad your finds help pay for your vacations.  I had an old hunting partner who used the clad he found to buy US savings bonds for his grandchildren.  I am with you about holding out as long as you can before collecting SS.  Many people have tried to convince me that it is a mistake to hold off doing so because they say it is next to impossible to make up the money you lose by not collecting at 62.  I turned 66 this yr. and know that by not tapping into SS it will increase by 7% or 8% ( till age 70 ) for each yr. I don't touch it.  I would much rather have the increased payment at a later date when it could mean a whole lot more to me than collecting today and maybe pissing the money away on stuff.  Also if I were to croak my wife would get a bigger amount by claiming my SS payments.