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    • Hi everyone!  Because a few yrs. back I decided that I wanted something to show for my yrs. of metal detecting when I could no longer do so because my knees gave out I decided to invest the clad that I dug up. The trick was to find someone to let me start with next to no money and I found them in Edward Jones.  They did not roll over laughing when they found out how much money I had to start with.Long story short I have been investing my clad once or twice a yr.  Today I got a quarterly dividend of $13.70 which is not an awful lot of money but enough to take my wife out to breakfast.  When my detecting days are done I/we will still be reaping the rewards of this great hobby

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        Sounds like you made a good move to me. We have been on a fixed income for quite a few years and every little bit adds up. We always cashed our finds in to help pay for our trip to the beach every year and have no regrets. Our beach finds lately have been way down but at our age we don't buy much anymore so everything seems to balance out  😀  In my counseling I usually advise someone to wait on their social security as long as they can because the extra money looks a lot bigger in later years than it does at 62 when you are used to a steady paycheck.  I get voted down on this a lot  😛

    • Tink, I understand! you do what you have to do.  Glad your finds help pay for your vacations.  I had an old hunting partner who used the clad he found to buy US savings bonds for his grandchildren.  I am with you about holding out as long as you can before collecting SS.  Many people have tried to convince me that it is a mistake to hold off doing so because they say it is next to impossible to make up the money you lose by not collecting at 62.  I turned 66 this yr. and know that by not tapping into SS it will increase by 7% or 8% ( till age 70 ) for each yr. I don't touch it.  I would much rather have the increased payment at a later date when it could mean a whole lot more to me than collecting today and maybe pissing the money away on stuff.  Also if I were to croak my wife would get a bigger amount by claiming my SS payments.

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        In this day and age 7% is big indeed. Can't get that rate of return on most funds anymore.

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      Investing the clad finds is a great idea!  I look at it like its something for nothing…or better yet, it something from something you love to do!

    • Hey np  $13:70 is a nice wee quarterly bonus.But as time goes by the quarterly bonus will rise.

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