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    • The car is hoovered out, windows cleaned inside and out.Washed and completely polished, shining like a new pin.The car will be packed tomorrow and we'll be leaving late Friday afternoon.I've also made arrangements to spend a day with a most beautiful Dutch street organ, and another half day visiting a small collection of Street and Fairground organs. 🙂 🙂

    • Ian I hope and wish your vacation ( holiday ) will be one that you will look back at fondly at for yrs. to come. 

    • Thank you for the kind words np.We know that no matter how it turns out we will enjoy ourselves. 8) 8)

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      Relax and have a great time. Show us some treasure  ;D We have 5 wks yet before beach time so have to live through you  🙂

    • You're more than welcome tink.Although I won't be able to post them till I get back home.I wouldn't know what to do with a smartphone.We only have an early type mobile and we don't even know the number. But that's ok because I won't be phoning myself.It's only used for emergencies.I do intend taking lots of pics. 8) 8)

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      Yeah, I carry a Tracphone but only for emergencies. Everyone is worried when I go out by myself. Funny part of it – most places I go dont have service 🙂

    • That's a funny one.

    • Well that's all the packing done.If we've missed anything it's too late now.I've even trimmed my beard drastically since I only need it thick and long in the winter.We've got a load of aa alkaline batteries just in case the NimH batts give up on us.Our homemade first aid kit is already aboard, and also haveseveral battery chargers as well for various items.I made some route maps for places I'll be visiting too.We've put back our departure time to 19:00 to avoid rush hour traffic and should get well past Birmingham while it's still quiet.

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