Another hunt with Racer.

We got out on Thursday past and started at 10:30am – 5:30pm.The weather has not been good here for beach hunting with lots of high icy cold winds. Man this machine can really hit hard on coins and seems absolutely no effort.Another thing we like about them is the rain and dust covers; they are a real snug fit and smart looking as well.Especially the control head cover, which feels very hard wearing indeed and it’s really clear for seeing the screen.I must say we are having a lot fun with these detectors; they have injected a lot of life into our hunts too.We gave the Makro big coil a try-out it’s the RC40 and is 15” X 13.5”, it looks huge but not as heavy as it appears to be. The scuff cover was a very good fit and didn't let any sand in between it and the coil.It was easy to P.P. with; off the front tip of the coil. Our deepest find of the day was a bi metal £2 coin @ 16” in the dry.All in all we had a great day out.Our total take for the day was 83 coins for £16:16 = $24:05.