Another very long day yesterday.

We left home at 09:30 and didn't get home till 21:00.Got to a city beach that gets hammered with Minelabs could be around 30 or 40 guys.However it was a very nice day with temps up to 12c.It was slow and hard goin' but we eventually made it..Since I got these new headphones I do seem to be digging much deeper in all metal using slow mode.We did have to stop for an extended meal break to allow the beach to clear of people, so after about an hour when it had started to get kinda cold down we went it again.We worked our socks off all day for a total of £11:97 = $19:99.Moral of the story, Minelabs don't get it all.It seems very much to me to depend on the operator.Sorry guys n gals no pics this time either, we don't really have time for pics.As I said we have to concentrate and work very hard for anything we get.