First hunt with our Racers.

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    • First hunt with the Racers on Friday.Our previous 3 hunts at this beach produced nothing, it's about half a mile long and gets hammered by many locals and some visitors.Eileen thought it was a waste of time even considering this beach.We arrived there at 10am and worked it until 2pm.Within' 15 minutes we were both lifting good style, but not a single fresh drop.Some were unrecognisable as they came out. Many were between 6" to "10.I actually got a silver clasp earring stamped 925, then a Maryland quarter, and near the end I got a Singapore Dollar.Eileen got a really neat looking kiddies ring, but unfortunately it was junk.Our joint total that hunt came to £11:58 = $17:07.Pics to come later.

    • OK here are the pics.

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        HEY! Fun time at the beach. Get it while you can, others will notice and pretty soon everyone will be swinging a  new machine.  I remember when I hit the beach with a Minelab Explorer. I was hitting targets right behind some other hunters. Finally one of them had to come over to see what I was swinging - couldn't believe I was digging good stuff in a worked out beach.   Wasn't long before everyone had a Minelab of some sort  😀 Some guys don't like digging the deep stuff - they like new drops and hunting about 60 miles per hour.

    • Yes tink, we had a lot of fun on the beach with our new detectors.It felt a bit cold but it didn't bother us.We were so pleased to find coin after coin, when you considerwe had been over it all many times before with our F70s.We are now Makro enthusiast's. 8) 8) 8) 8)

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