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White's MX5

mx5_displayWhite's has an interesting new detector on the's called the MX5.  Reports on performance are promising...and the price tag is good at $599.95.

It also seems to have a nice lighted display and touts rugged build quality.


Promo video:



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Ethics and the art of recovery

*reprinted with permission of First Texas Products*

First Texas Products takes pride in the industry we serve, and ask you to join us in observing and promoting ethical and legal detecting practices, and in supporting dealers and organizations that do the same.


2013 Contest number 2... Garrett AT Pro hat and White's travel mug!

Come on by the forums to enter to win the hat and travel mug!  Items were donated by forum member Nickelpicker!  

Reviewing the Makro JeoHunter 3D Dual System

It is a fairly good guarantee that once you catch the treasure hunting fever there is no turning back. Those that start out with the basic models of metal detectors will soon be thinking of ways to move up in the world of detectors. Finding deep metals that yield large treasure caches is something that all enthusiasts dream about.

For those who are looking to search deeper it is imperative to select a deep seeking metal detector. If you are looking to begin searching for gold and other precious metals that are deeper than one-meter you will need a two box style metal detector.

One of the best models available in the two box metal detector series is the Makro Jeohunter 3D Dual System. This metal detector has outstanding metal discrimination and separates metals into four categories which are gold, non-ferrous, ferrous and steel. For the first time there is a metal detector that gives complete visual analysis of objects before having to dig. The Makro Jeohunter 3D Dual System makes it possible to find precious metals at extreme depths.


Minelab CTX 3030

Okay...Minelab has done it.  They've officially grabbed my attention with the new CTX 3030!  Waterproof, on-board GPS,  rugged and possibly more powerful than the legendary E-Trac?  or at least so it's been said...  I would love to write up a review on this beast if I can get my hands on one!  I've been talking with Minelab Marketing (USA) to see what we can work out.

...bunch of stuff packed with the CTX 3030 !

XP DEUS Review





*Disclaimer -- This review was generously written for Detectorstuff by Michael Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp., a distributing company of the XP DEUS.


XP DEUS Metal Detector Review

XP DEUS is the World’s First Wireless Metal Detector. Why is this such a big deal? Read on, fellow metal detectorists!

It is the hottest metal detector in Europe and NOW the XP DEUS is available in North America.

There are SO MANY features that make the XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector the most exceptional available, it’s difficult to list them in order of importance. Perhaps the most stand-out quality about this detector is its level of SIMPLICITY, while offering futuristic state-of-the-art functionality. Anyone can grab & go with this wireless metal detector and search for any type of treasure. From coins and relics, to gold prospecting and more, all you need is the XP DEUS—it’s the total package!


Review of the XP Deus coming soon!

A distributor is going to send us an in-house review of the Deus and it's features... very intriguing design.

Spotlight on new detectors.... Blisstool

This looks like the manual tweakers dream machine!  Lots and lots of pots!  One of my most enjoyable analog detectors was the relic-loving Nautilus DMC 2b.  A true depth monster that, when set up correctly, is very hard to beat for pulling brass and lead from extreme depths.


This new Blisstool LTC64X v3 seems to be redefining the notions of what a VLF detector can do. I haven't played with one yet, so everything is hearsay and speculation at this point...however, the videos are impressive!




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