New Gold Prospecting book by Fisher’s Dave Johnson

Fisher and Teknetics Chief Designer Dave Johnson has written an AWESOME book on gold prospecting with a VLF metal detector!  Tons of great information for prospectors and potential prospectors…as well as folks who just want to “learn more” about metal detectors!   Special thanks to Dave Johnson and Mike Scott for allowing me to reprint the book in it’s entirety here on !

VISIT the brand new Teknetics website HERE!

*reprinted with permission of First Texas Products*

Gold Prospecting
with a
VLF Metal Detector

Dave Johnson, Chief Designer
First Texas Products & Fisher Research Labs

This book explains how to use a VLF induction balance metal detector for gold prospecting. The author has nearly 30 years’ metal detector design engineering experience and has designed machines in every major metal detection technology category.

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1 New, overhauled Fisher website is launched

With Fisher releasing the F75, CZ21, F70, F5, F4 and F2 in the period of around 2 years, it is evident they are NOT afraid of change!  The “F series” of detectors has quickly developed a loyal following due to their combination of performance and price.

The “old” Fisher website looked nice, but lacked the things folks look for these days.  I, personally, like to be able to dig around a site and find all sorts of content…the new Fisher site offers TONS of content!  You’ll even see contributions from several Detectorstuff regulars.

Check it out !

New Fisher Website

9 Fisher to release new Gold Bug metal detector!

I just got my hands on a sales flyer for a new Gold Bug gold hunting metal detector from Fisher Labs.  Very, very interesting set of specs.!  One thing that definitely has my attention… 19 kHz frequency and the mention of relic hunting possibilities!  (think lead and brass!)…also check out the last item under “Controls and Features”…an optional 11” DD coil!  Could this be an awesome nugget buster and a monster relic machine?  Can’t wait to start hearing field reports!  Discuss in our FORUMS HERE


Gold Bug

Gold Bug

  • October 7, 2009
  • Fisher update

Hey folks!

 DetectorStuff is dedicated to providing information to hobbyists.  We are continuing to “clean up” after a server crash at our old hosting  site…some of the stories and reviews here still have “broken” picture links.  Fret not!  I’ll be slowly straightening them all out and continuing to add new stuff!  Thanks for helping to make one of the most unique metal detecting sites on the internet!

Don’t forget to drop by our NEW forums and join in the fun!  I have a poll running...”Help build a metal detector” where I want people in the hobby to vote on various aspects of a metal detector that they think are important!


New DetectorStuff Forums!

After the battle with crashed servers and corrupted data, we have clawed our way back!  We have switched to new forum software that is fast and modern.  You will need to sign up at the forums (look for forum tab at the top of the page).  Sign up is super easy!  Click HERE to check ’em out!

White’s Spectra V3 (Vision) Field Test part 2

visionIn part 2 of my ongoing review of the technologically advanced White’s Spectra V3, I was originally  going to cover the cool wireless headphones…however, after a trip to the beach for vacation I switched gears and decided to talk a bit about the Spectra V3 as a beach hunter. So here we go…White’s Spectra V3 review #2… Beach Hunting!

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