Garrett GTI 2500 Review by Eu_citizen

*Detectorstuff loves user submitted reviews!  Who better to give some advice and feedback than real life users who have plenty of hours behind the coil.  Read HERE for information on being a DetectorStuff review submitter!  Thanks Eu_citizen for another great review!


Now when you break this thing out of it’s box… It looks impressive! Nice green colour, big display heavy and steadily built coils.

Everything looks good and so, now taking it into the field will tell if it’s good or not.

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Minelab Explorer 2 user review by Eu_Citizen

Eu_Citizen submitted this Minelab Explorer 2 review in the DetectorStuff User Reviews section of the forums. Feel free to write reviews of your own or comment on ones that are already here. Thanks for the submission Eu!

Ex2Well when you take it out of the box… It looks plain weird, not really impressive at first. After a while I did get used to the looks of it.

You’ll note it’s easy to put together. And will need adjusting to your length, otherwise it’s going to feel real heavy. (i.e. arm cup, lower rod need adjustments)

It’s not to bad when you’ve done that.

Ok when skimming through the manual you’ll note there aren’t many adjustments, just more or less weird names for them.

Just learn them. Oh and it is a bit noes heavy, if to heavy opt for another coil.

In the field:


Well I start out at the park and play around a bit and soon I noted.. “I need a smaller coil!”

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Electrical Interference Essay by First Texas Lead Engineer Dave Johnson

Electrical Interference

First Texas Products & Fisher Labs August 2009

Dave Johnson, Chief Designer @ FTP & Fisher

Dave Johnson, Chief Designer @ FTP & Fisher

Because of the high sensitivity of modern metal detectors coupled with the proliferation of sources of electromagnetic interference, you are likely to encounter electrical interference at times during the use of your metal detector. It is important that you recognize electrical interference when present, and take appropriate measures to deal with it. This will prevent you from giving up on a worthwhile site unnecessarily, or from sending in for a repair a machine which is working properly.

Symptoms of electrical interference

Electrical interference can cause a metal detector to “chatter” spontaneously, to lose sensitivity for no apparent reason, or to cause periodic audio “wobble” or slow waves of spontaneous sound. What you’ll hear will depend on what model of metal detector you’re using, what operating mode you’re using it in, how you have the adjustments set, and what the source of the electrical interference is. The most common manifestation is spontaneous chatter.

All metal detectors are susceptible to electrical interference, but they vary in what kinds of electrical interference affect them. In a given environment some metal detectors may be affected by electrical interference whereas others may not.

Two metal detectors of the same model in the same environment may be affected differently, because of minor differences in operating frequency or because the controls have been adjusted differently.

Common sources of electrical interference

Common sources of electrical interference include: overhead electric power lines, underground power lines, other metal detectors, telephone lines carrying electronic data, computer systems, electric fences, old CRT-based televisions, cell phones, thunderstorms, fluorescent lights, metal vapor lamps, military aircraft with electronic warfare countermeasures turned on, electric motors, VLF military communications systems, and automobile ignition systems. It will sometimes be the case at home, in the showroom, or in an urban environment that there are several different sources of electrical interference present simultaneously.

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1 White's DFX Review by Eu_Citizen

One of DetectorStuff’s newest members, Eu-Citizen has hit the ground running with user submitted content! Here’s his review of the DFX…Thanks EU!

dfxSo where shall we begin with this beast?

When you take it out of the box, it doesn’t really look much. But as soon as you turn it on and want to adjust things.. Whoaa!

Lot’s of adjustments, you could ruin a whole weeks worth of detecting if you’d start out right away and try to adjust everything.

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4 Dave’s Beach Hunting 101

Dave is one of the DetectorStuff forum moderators and an active poster.  He is an avid beach hunter and member of CRABS (Carolina Relic and Beach hunting Society).   I read this post (originally seen HERE) and saw some cool tips and beach hunting information…since detectorstuff is about “learning”, I asked Dave if we could post it here on the “main” site.




There’s allot of different styles, some work better than others, some work one day and not the next, some just don’t work on certain beaches or for certain people but here’s mine.

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1 Carl Cladoff’s Beach Hunting Tips…Cuts

Carl Cladoff

Carl Cladoff

DetectorStuff Member Carl Cladoff recently responded to my inquiry about reading beach cuts…and how to find the goodies therein.  His response (originally seen HERE) give great insight into the awesome dynamics of surf and wind…and how they factor into whether you finish a hunt with treasure…or nothing!  Thanks for allowing me to publish this Carl!  -Mark

Yo Mark!  I usually refer to those ‘sand cliffs’ you see primarily in the fall and winter as a cut…terminology may vary depending on where you are…

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Fisher and Teknetics Accessory Coils

OmegacoilI knew that Engineers at First Texas Products have been working on several new accessory coils for their Fisher and Teknetics line.  Here’s the list of either what’s “out” or soon will be…

The Tek Titanium series will have: (Alpha, Delta, Gamma and Omega)
5 inch round DD
8 inch round concentric
10 inch elliptical concentric
11 inch elliptical DD
The F5 will have:
5 inch round DD
10 inch elliptical concentric
11 inch elliptical DD
  • July 11, 2009

A few points to consider when posting finds & experiences on forums – ANY FORUMS!

Posted originally at by Andy Sabisch

Andy Sabisch is an avid detectorist, writer and reviewer who has contributed to the hobby for years.  I ran across this post over at, one of the largest detecting hobby sites on the web.  I was so impressed I asked Andy for permission to post it here…he graciously consented.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT intended to discourage posting…on the contrary, post all ya want!  Andy’s point is to be careful WHAT you post… don’t give away your sites, be careful about posting historically important finds, etc.


Over the years I have seen many posts that leave me scratching my head wondering what the person was thinking or should I say not thinking when they hit the final ENTER key. With some of the controversy that has come up on this forum and others lately, I wanted to pass on some points to consider when you are thinking of posting something . . . . do with it what you may:

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  • July 4, 2009

3 Teknetics Omega Review and 11" DD coil

*I prepared this Omega Review quite a while back, but held it while I field tested the new 11″ DD coil too… so this review will be for both products: The Teknetics Omega and the optional 11″ DD coil.*

Mark Ellington

OmegafaceAs most of you know, I am a big fan of the Fisher F5! The F5 blew me away with the “control” I had over how I wanted to hunt…and its amazing flexibility to handle various soil and radio noise pollution situations. However, as much as I love the F5 and despite its growing “cult” following, the Engineers at First Texas knew there was even more potential in the basic electronic platform from F5. The always amazing Dave Johnson wanted to create a machine that exceeded the performance of the F5 and simplified the controls. (One thing for which I’m very thankful…. Dave Johnson is NEVER satisfied with status quo!).

When I was given the chance to field test the Teknetics Omega 8000, I jumped all over it! I knew it grew from lessons learned on the F5, so expectations were high. The Omega did not disappoint .

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Review of two new coils for the Fisher F5 and the Teknetics Omega!

HOT new optional coils are soon heading out the door at First Texas! I’ll be posting a full review of the 5″ F5 coil and an AMAZING 11″ DD coil for the Tek Omega…and be prepared for some shocking statements about the Omega!…Keep watching for the reviews!

  • June 13, 2009
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