As most members know, I did a poll on the “old” Detector Stuff site asking if you would like for us to do “Member Reviews” of metal detectors and accessories.  You folks responded “YES!”

This desire by our members to have the ability to post reviews, tips, etc. was one of my motivating factors for moving to this new style site software….So, let’s do it!

Member Reviews!


  • You MUST have owned and used the metal detector or accessory you’re writing about for at least 1 year.
  • Pointing out flaws is okay, but this is not a “bash-fest” (I’m sure y’all have seen what I’m talking about)
  • Write your review with the idea of “How can I describe this machine/accessory to someone who has never owned one”
  • Think of “helpful tips” that you’ve heard, learned or been taught by others.

You can submit your review/tutorial/tip list to me in two ways…

  1. Email it in any document format to:  [email protected]
  2. Post it in the “Users Submitted Reviews and Articles Discussion” forum.

I will take your work and post it on the front page under “Member Reviews” with credit going to you…it will always be here!  Archived forever (or until I’m too broke to pay the site host!) for thousands to read and learn from.  Remember, my goal with is to provide tons of cool information that is easy to find, helpful and good for the hobby.

One thing that may help you get started:  Pretend you are taking someone metal detecting with you who is using your same make/model metal detector.  Imagine it’s the first time they’ve ever used it and have a ton of questions for you since you’ve owned and used one for a long time…

Thanks!  I’m looking forward to posting your work and learning from all your experiences!


* reserves the right to NOT post inflammatory reviews that help no one*

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