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marcomo buddy_offline.gif   DetectorStuff Member star.gifstar.gifstar.gif Posts: 64 Thanks Given: 0 Thanks Received: 0 in 0 posts Joined: Dec 2009 Reputation: 0 Warning Level: 0%  Post: #32RE: Tips and tricks   Dave - Gaffers tape seems to hold up well to moisture.  I haven't submerged it or anything, but I've gotten the tape plenty wet and muddy when I've detected in light rain and/or wet muddy conditions where my gloves get covered with mud.  The mud and dirt cleans right off the tape with a moistened rag or whatever you care to use. Since gaffers tape is a cloth tape, it doesn't get slippery when it gets wet. The tape will hold up for a reasonably long period of time, but when it starts getting too worn, frayed or raggedy, you can just remove it cleanly from the handgrip without leaving the usual sticky residue that other tapes leave. You've got to take your time wrapping the tape and stretching it as you go so the tape stays smooth as you wrap it.  It's not cheap tape, a roll costs about $15-20, but one roll will last you a long time.