Tips and Tricks...continued from old forum!

This could get loooong!  I'm bringing over the Tips and Tricks from the old forum... as of this posting is just over 49,000 views.Sooo...without further adeu, here we go!Please continue to add to this post, and let's shoot for over 50,000 views here at the new site!Eu_citzen buddy_offline.gif   Rock nerd star.gifstar.gifstar.gif [img height=125 width=150][/img] Posts: 210 Thanks Given: 9 Thanks Received: 60 in 44 posts Joined: Oct 2009 Reputation: 2 Warning Level: 0%  Post: #1Tips and tricks   I've learned a few tricks and received a few tips over the years, here is a collection of some of them: How to hunt "hunted out" places: Often people complain about hunted out places, but mostly they just have covered the same areas over and over. They "forget" some harder to reach areas and ignore areas that are harder to dig in. In those areas often it can be worth hunting; maybe the park has a slightly over grown part? Try those harder areas for once, it may be harder but it can be worth it since most humans are lazy so fewer hunt there. Means more goodies for you. However they tend to be smaller areas, so cover them carefully. Use pinpoint to tell approximate size: 1. Find a target look at target ID, make sure no other target is close by to fool you though. 2. If it's in the pull tabs/nickel range pinpoint it. 3*. Now do a "+" over it, coins/rings are (mostly) round, pull tabs are not. 4. If you think it's a coin/ring DIG. Note for 3* think the shape of a pull tab, it is not round and so the signal will stay slightly longer in one direction this is why I say that you should do a + over it. (It gives you an idea of shape and size) Obviously this should be done SLOWLY with the pinpoint function on, if you do it to quick it will be hard to tell the difference! This does require some practice and is not always easy to tell the difference, listen carefully! It isn't flawless but it works. Iffy signals: If you've got a iffy signal here are a few I've heard can help you: 1. Dig - Logical dig and see yourself 2. Stomp on the targets location - Pinpoint first then stomp above it, sometimes it clears up a reading. 3. Cut a plug, recheck hole - This has its roots in the halo effect, oxides around a target can fool the detector slightly. Digging around it is supposed to decrease this effect. 4. Slow down - Sometimes there's something close by to fool the detector 5. Play with settings - Adjust to the sites conditions. _______________________________________ Does anyone else have any to add? I might add more as I remember it.