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tmanly buddy_offline.gif   TOM IN SC star.gifstar.gifstar.gif [img height=79 width=80][/img] Posts: 131 Thanks Given: 0 Thanks Received: 1 in 1 posts Joined: Oct 2010 Reputation: 1 Warning Level: 0%  Post: #37RE: Tips and tricks   The Garrett Pro Pointer has a depth of around 2". When pinpointing and the depth is 2" or less use the pinpointer to located the exact position of the target. If the target is around 3" , you can use the side of the probe, Slide the side of the barrell over the ground and you will hear a churp when over the target. Just an easy way to get an extra inch out of the probe. Tom in SC[hr] The ziplock style sandwitch bag make a quick rain cover for the detector. They come in all sizes and you can get a whole box for the price of one custom cover. Stick one in your pouch for the unexpected.... Tom in SC  DETECTORS I USE AT THIS TIME: MINELAB E-TRAC, RED HEAT XD-17, COINMAX II , GARRETT PRO POINTER