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Eu_citzen buddy_offline.gif   Rock nerd star.gifstar.gifstar.gif [img height=125 width=150][/img] Posts: 210 Thanks Given: 9 Thanks Received: 60 in 44 posts Joined: Oct 2009 Reputation: 2 Warning Level: 0%  Post: #40RE: Tips and tricks   A simple way to set maximum sensitivity on the white's bullseye pinpointer: 1/ Locate the target and dig. 2/ Put the "rod" (that detects the metal) on the ground* and start twisting the sensitivity until it starts ringing/vibrating. *Ground should be free of targets 3/ Lower it just so it stops ringing/vibrating 4/ search for the target (5/) If you think your pinpointer is unstable, turn down the sensitivity just a little and try again. It might be worth noting that this, if done correctly, will really make the bullseye a bit sharper then just guessing at which sensitivity to put it. It might require some testing to learn to understand how it behaves when its unstable vs stable, its not like your normal detector.  If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.