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Eu_citzen buddy_offline.gif   Rock nerd star.gifstar.gifstar.gif [img height=125 width=150][/img] Posts: 210 Thanks Given: 9 Thanks Received: 60 in 44 posts Joined: Oct 2009 Reputation: 2 Warning Level: 0%  Post: #7RE: Tips and tricks   Well Mark, I usually hit the target on one angle only, if it isn't iffy. Then I might try a few different angles. Troy, Dave, Garbra, DigUpCoins: Thanks. Here's a few more tips: When you have a iffy signal pinpoint it and hover directly over it with the coil. It can stabilize a few signals, especially if they are caused by multiple items next to each other. Don't crank up sensitivity to max in trashy areas, lower it slightly. By lowering it the detector has easier to "see" individual targets. Or use a small coil, then you can increase it. Common guys you've got to have something to share to!!  If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.