Re: Re: Tips and Tricks...continued from old forum!

mark buddy_online.gif   jonesin' for some 'tectorin' star.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gifstar.gif admin.png avatar_4.jpg Posts: 2,603 Thanks Given: 520 Thanks Received: 229 in 207 posts Joined: Sep 2009 Reputation: 6 Warning Level: 0% facebook_small.png  Post: #2RE: Tips and tricks   Great thread idea EU!  Let's build this one up and I'll copy it over to the main site.  I'm a "target circler"  I'll hit a deeper target, then do almost 360 degree sweeps around the target, looking for fairly consistent ID's.  Lots of times, ID's that swing wildly are junk...mostly "tight" ones are rings/coins. (If it's at fringe depth though...all bets are off!  You can only be sure by digging)  My current metal detector arsenal... Fisher F75,  Fisher CZ3D, Minelab Sovereign, White's V3, Minelab Explorer 2, Teknetics Delta, Tek Omega, Fisher F5, Garrett "deepseeker", Fisher F70, Tek G2, Garrett AT Pro