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  Thanks for visiting...since the launch of DetectorStuff I've worked to improve the hobby of metal detecting by seeking out interviews, metal detector reviews, interesting stories, etc.Not to brag, or anything (okay...maybe a little!) this was one of the first sites on the Web to interview industry insiders and put their unique perspectives on the […]

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Manufacturers heading into the sunset...

Word on the various forums is that some long-lived metal detector manufacturers are either out of business or very close.  The ones I'm currently hearing about are Tesoro and Nautilus...both of which hold a special place in my heart.  I used a Toltec 100 for quite a while.  I loved the accurate visual ID and […]

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Unboxing the Makro Multi Kruzer

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A look at First Texas Products at the IWA and Outdoor Classics Show

I found this on a fellow hobbyists site. I'm sure he won't mind me sending traffic his way.

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Fascinating look at the IWA and OutdoorClassics show

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WW2 German jet found with metal detector

...even had human remains in the cockpit!

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Cache of goodies found in Europe

Very interesting article!

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Great hobby detecting guide!

Check out this site...really good information!

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Vintage detector gallery

Awesome vintage for photos to various sources.  Have an old machine?  Send me a pic and I'd love to add it.  Feel free to comment on these if you have more info.

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Inside look at White's Electronics / How to make a metal detector

Interesting video takes you on a virtual tour of White's Electronics in Sweet Home, Oregon.  The host is...well, you be the judge!  Kind of a kid in a candy shop sort of thing.  Anyway, White's has been in the biz for MANY years and has a ton of awesome metal detectors.

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Stuff like this hurts the hobby!

I DO NOT agree with the current rules, laws and regs related to metal detecting in the the US...especially when it comes to finding historically valuable relics.  HOWEVER...sneaking around and doing this kind of thing makes it even worse for those of us who follow rules and try to help the hobby be seen in […]

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