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    • anyone know anything about this company?  just curious who they are, I have seen their ad in detector mags a couple of times now. Went to their website to find out who they are, clicked on ABOUT US and read a lot of mumbo jumbo but did not say who they are or what country their machines are made in.  Can you say C H I N A,  that's what pops in my head anyway.  don't know how serious they are about selling their units cause there is now link to dealers ( if they even have any )  Just curious

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          Can't say that I am familiar with that detector. Will try to look into it on other sites.Maybe others have used them.    Mark is up on a lot of them. Maybe he has used one and will jump in here.

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      They appear to be manufactured by this company:  (but still may just be imported..hard to tell)

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