11 days till vacation.

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    • Well it's getting closer day by day now.Like I said before we have a plan to make this vacation more cost effective than anytime before.Four days before we leave the car will get washed and polished,then it'll get packed 2 days before the off.Our motorway service areas are notoriously expensive,all food and drinks will be carried with us and even a wee travel stove to boil a kettle for our large flask.We'll also take one of our Aces for a backup and a 24 pack of aa batteries and one stock coil for the F70s.We think we've got it all covered.

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      Hope you guys have a blast!

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      WOW! Way to get ready Ian. We have a Dodge Caravan that we pack full for our vacation. Of course the detectors go in first  😀  We still have 50 days before ours :'( Have fun and find a bunch.

    • Thanks guys.We're gonna be concentrating on three known beaches.All three within 1.5 miles of our holiday home.Yahoo. 8) 8)

    • Wait! don't you have it backwards, you wash an polish the car AFTER the trip.  wait a min., if you polish the car BEFORE it will have less wind resistance and give you better petro miles.  Never mind I was wrong.

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